Sustainable Economic Development

At Gas Malaysia Berhad, we strive towards being a responsible business entity that upholds sustainable and responsible business practices by delivering profitable results via effective risk management, investing in sustainable solutions and by advancing the gas industry through active engagement with our stakeholders.

In tandem with Gas Malaysia Berhad’s pursuit of sustainable economic growth, we strive to meet the nation’s energy needs by contributing to the Malaysian economy in a sustainable matter.  We aim to be an innovative value-added energy solutions provider that provides the cleanest, safest, cost-effective and reliable energy solutions to the nation.

To date, Gas Malaysia has made significant contribution to the economic development, first, by building progressively the natural gas infrastructures and providing innovative energy solutions. We believe that our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices will lead to business excellence and sustainable growth.

Our Contribution Towards Nation-Building

Gas Malaysia, through its business activities, plays a vital role in supporting nation-building as we provide clean, safe and reliable energy solutions to power the nation’s economic growth. Over the years we have expanded the gas infrastructure to contribute towards nation building and add value to the industry. At present, we have a total length of about 2,600 kilometres of gas pipeline throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020
Gas Pipeline (kilometres) 2,243 2,334 2,468 2,600