Gas Malaysia Berhad (“Gas Malaysia”) was established on 16 May 1992 to sell, market and distribute natural gas as well as to develop, operate and maintain the Natural Gas Distribution System (“NGDS”) within Peninsular Malaysia. We are licensed under the Gas Supply Act 1993 to  supply and sell reticulated natural gas in Peninsular Malaysia.

With the transition towards the liberalisation of the market set to take place in 2020 through the implementation of the Third Party Access (“TPA”), Gas Malaysia began efforts in 2019 to meet the TPA’s regulatory framework. By 31 December 2019, Gas Malaysia had successfully unbundled its business operations into two separate entities via the awarding of a distribution license and a shipping license from Suruhanjaya Tenaga.

These two entities, which are both wholly owned by Gas Malaysia, are Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn Bhd (“GMD”) and Gas Malaysia Energy and Services Sdn Bhd (“GMES”). GMD was granted a 20-year distribution license which allows it to take up the role as a gas distributor through its 2,600 kilometres of NGDS throughout Peninsular Malaysia. GMD will also develop, operate and maintain the NGDS to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of gas to customers across Peninsular Malaysia.

GMES, meanwhile, was granted a 10-year shipping license and will conduct its role as a gas shipper as the license enables GMES to procure gas from a supplier and arrange the delivery of gas in accordance with the customer’s requirements. This allows GMES to make arrangements with a regasification, transportation or distribution licensee for gas to be processed or delivered via their facilities to consumers’ premises.

In addition, Gas Malaysia through Gas Malaysia Retail Services Sdn Bhd also supplies Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) to 1,213 commercial customers and 14,160 residential customers. Further to this, Gas Malaysia has diversified into the non-regulated sphere of the gas distribution business via subsidiary and joint venture companies. These include Gas Malaysia Virtual Pipeline Sdn Bhd, Gas Malaysia Energy Advance Sdn Bhd, Gas Malaysia Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd and Sime Darby Gas Malaysia BioCNG Sdn Bhd.