Gas Malaysia Berhad has always been attentive towards its customers’ needs. This is our effort to further improve the quality and delivery of our services.

Exploring new avenues to enhance customer experience, increase efficiency and grow market share are all our priorities. Our customer base can be segmented into 3 categories, they are Industrial, Commercial and Residential.

Industrial customers account for over 99% of our total gas volume sales and are key drivers for Gas Malaysia Berhad’s sustainable growth. Commercial and residential customers account for the remaining gas sales. 

Our industrial customers represent a diverse range of industries that include rubber products, food, beverages & tobacco, chemical products, glass products, fabricated & basic metals, and others. Most of our industrial customers are concentrated in the central region of Peninsular Malaysia, followed by the southern, northern and eastern regions. 

Customer Segmentation Natural Gas Supply LPG Supply
Industrial -none-

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