Annual Reports

Advancing Growth Through Excellence
Annual Report 2022

Gas Malaysia’s 2022 annual report can be viewed and downloaded here

Delivering Value & Sustainable Future
Annual Report 2021

For your convenience Gas Malaysia’s latest annual report can be viewed and downloaded.

Persevering Under A New Business Landscape
Annual Report 2020

For your convenience Gas Malaysia’s latest annual report can be viewed and downloaded.

Driven by Solid Fundamentals Towards A Sustainable Future
Annual Report 2019

The theme for the year 2019 titled “Driven by Solid Fundamentals Towards A Sustainable Future” highlights our commitment and resilience in facing the ever evolving business landscape. We will continue to reinforce our fundamental strengths and remain steadfast towards achieving our vision as an innovative value-added energy solutions provider.

Embracing Challenges And Standing Tall
Annual Report of 2018

To Provide The Cleanest, Safest, Cost-effective and Reliable Energy Solutions To The Nation

25 Years of Service Excellence
Annual Report 2017

For your convenience Gas Malaysia’s latest annual report can be viewed and downloaded.

Embracing Change
Annual Report 2016

Gas Malaysia has taken steps to ensure that we are ready for change and to adapt our business to face the challenges and opportunities in the natural gas industry. The chemical formula typography on the cover design symbolises our strategy for sustainable growth, with business plans aimed at taking natural gas beyond the regulated sphere of the distribution business. By diversifying its use into a more commercially driven ventures, we create new demand for natural gas. Coupled with our most important asset – our people – we are preparing ourselves to embrace the landmark and structural changes being brought about by the industry liberalisation.

Taking Energy Beyond
Annual Report 2015

The crescent halftone design on the cover creatively represents the thermal expansion of gas molecules. In its abstract form, it symbolises our expansion plan through growing the existing business and diversifying into the non-regulated sphere of the gas distribution business.

Reshaping Our Future
Annual Report 2014

the pipeline symbolises Gas Malaysia reaching out to its customers, supplying steady and reliable energy solutions. our assets – our pipeline and our people – are the very foundation from which we shall grow, diversify and reshape our business in the future, whilst embracing our ambitious vision of being the innovative value added energy solutions provider.

Strength In Fundamentals
Annual Report 2013

Gas Malaysia continues to explore other solutions to improve energy efficiency for its customers and ultimately, for the nation.

Progressing Forward
Annual Report 2012

Beating its wings from 12 to 100 beats per second, the tiny hummingbird is unrivalled in having the highest metabolism rate while in fl ight, allowing it to generate lift in motion, as it rapidly hovers frontwards to backwards, drinking nectar to quench its unsatiable thirst for energy. Striking parallel, Gas Malaysia’s quest to embark onto new opportunities speak of its ability in strategising its position and presence, with the fl exibility of experience and expertise to draw on, in operating its pipeline networking. As the hummingbird, the Group’s commitment is equal to the task of going beyond its continual pursuit of aggressively looking back into potential for growth, yet remaining focused on progressing forward.