“ Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or Cogeneration is the production of electricity and thermal energy in a single, integrated system. ”

In Malaysia, electricity is usually generated at a central power plant, while on-site heating and cooling equipment is used to meet non-electric energy requirements. This process of electricity generation, involves the release of hot gases into the atmosphere. The heat (thermal energy) that is commonly dissipated using cooling towers, represents energy loss, which lowers the overall efficiency of the plant.


Conventional Thermal Generation


Combined Heat & Power System

Thermal energy recovered in a CHP system can be used for heating or cooling in industrial environments or buildings. Unlike conventional method used in the production of electricity, CHP system captures the heat that would normally be dissipated and lost.

Distinctiveness of CHP

By using CHP, the thermal energy in the exhaust is extracted and used for heating or steam generation through the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) as well as cooling through the use of absorption chillers.

It is particularly useful for installations that incur high heating or cooling loads, such as factories, hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings.

CHP has high thermal efficiency ratios as compared to conventional thermal generation techniques. Efficiencies of up to 90 percent are possible unlike conventional thermal generation (40%) and combined cycle generation plants (55%).


Combined Heat & Power Production of Electricity, Steam & Chilled Water

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