Steel Industry

“ In steel industry, pig iron and scrap iron are transformed into finish products by undergoing various heating processes. ”

Natural Gas is mainly used in secondary melting, casting of molten steel, cutting, refining of billet and slabs.

The major steel products include pipes, wires and coated sheets.


Steel Production Process


Steel melting is achieved by means of striking an electric arc between graphite electrodes and the charge. Natural Gas / oxygen burners are used for supplementary firing in this process. It produces a high flame temperature to preheat the raw material and maintain molten steel temperature, thus reducing energy costs in the melting process.


High levels of luminosity and flame temperature produced by the combustion of Natural Gas is used to provide enhanced heat transfer (increased efficiency) to maintain the molten steel temperature.


The easy controllability of Natural Gas firing provides a constant heating environment to hold the molten steel at the required temperature for the casting process.


A cutter (using Natural Gas and oxygen) is used to ensure a clean cutting surface for the steel billets.


By using twin-bed regenerative Natural Gas combustion burners, a substantial amount of energy can be recovered, thus increasing the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

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