Ceramic Industry

“ Ceramic products are formed from clay or similar substances in the plastic state, which is normally dried and heated at a suitably high temperature to give it strength. ”

Natural Gas is mainly used for powder drying, tiles drying and final heat treatment.

Ceramic products range from homogeneous to glazed tiles for the building industry such as wall tiles, floor tiles and roof tiles.


Ceramic Tile Production Process

Drying (Spray Dryer)

Instant drying of wet atomized ceramic slip is achieved through a high evaporation process, in which it utilises the hot air produced from the Natural Gas combustion process.

Drying (Horizontal & Vertical Dryer)

After the powder is pressed to form tiles, drying in the horizontal and vertical dryers further reduces the moisture content.

Drying (Kiln)

Easy controllability of Natural Gas combustion creates a steady temperature distribution profile within the kiln, which is required by ceramic manufacturers. It also increases the thermal efficiency by recycling the high temperature hot air in the kiln.

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