GCEO’s Message

Greetings from Gas Malaysia Berhad. Welcome to our Website. 

As the Group Chief Executive of Gas Malaysia, I would like to personally show my appreciation to all of our stakeholders for the support and trust given to us in spearheading the nation’s gas industry. I believe with the strong foundation that has been built for nearly three decades, coupled with our dedicated and committed employees, Gas Malaysia has played an important role in fulfilling the nation’s energy needs.

The year witnessed the continuous effort undertaken by the Government to liberalise the gas industry, in an effort to increase efficiency and spur growth of the power and non-power industries. For Gas Malaysia, we have successfully unbundled our business operations into two separate entities, which are Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn Bhd (“GMD”) and Gas Malaysia Energy and Services Sdn Bhd (“GMES”). Both these business entities are wholly-owned by the holding company – Gas Malaysia Berhad.

I am glad to inform that we have successfully obtained a 20-year distribution license and a 10-year shipping license for both of our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Gas Malaysia Distribution Sdn. Bhd. (“GMD”) and Gas Malaysia Energy Services Sdn. Bhd. (“GMES’). The distribution licence will enable GMD to develop, operate and maintain the gas distribution pipeline network where else GMES will procure gas from a supplier and will arrange the delivery of gas in accordance with the customer’s requirements. For further information on GMD and GMES, please visit www.gasmalaysia-gmd.com and www.gasmalaysia-gmes.com

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all stakeholders i.e. members of the Board, government and state agency, regulator, authorities, customers, vendors, financiers, business associates, media and employees for their continuous support and encouragement.

It is my sincere hope that you can explore our new website – the information hub and communication platform for Gas Malaysia Berhad – and find it useful as well as discover the services we provide.

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Ahmad Hashimi Abdul Manap
Group Chief Executive Officer